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 E-RYT 500, YACEP Yoga Instructor

About Me

I am an open and energetic person with the great passion for people and yoga. Yoga isn’t only about the positions but it helps to uncover the patterns in your life. I believe that every single person has their own unique wisdom and that as Ram Dass says, “we are all walking each other home.” Yoga makes you more flexible in your body hence more open in your mind. I am so thankful to have found yoga, and it is a blessing that I can share it with others. People can use so many words to describe what yoga is but in the end – you have to experience it yourself. For me, there is no pain in yoga; there is no competition. There is union and communion with an energy that is waiting to be tapped into and awakened. I find the joy of the dance in Vinyasa, the power of the core in Pilates, the contemplation and stretch in the Yin and the healing possibility in the chair yoga. All paths serve to bring one to the whole.
Lessons are given in Dutch and English.

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Where to join in 2024:

Monday:        10:00-11:00  Camino en de IJssel Inloophuis ChairYoga                                 19:30-20:30   Zevenhuizen Pilates with Restorative

Tuesday:       19:00-20:00  Camino Inloophuis Nieuwerkerk YinYoga

Wednesday:  18:30-19:15     Zevenhuizen ChairYoga

                       19:30-20:30   Zevenhuizen YinYoga

Workshops once a month at De IJssel Inloophuis Capelle 

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